Soumil Hooda


Hello! I'm a senior at the Department of Physics and Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at BITS Pilani Hyderabad.

I enjoy working on all problems related to weather modelling. I am also interested in the idea of a general autonomous agent, and would like to devote some years to researching the same. I like to pass time solving Fermi questions.

At present, my research focuses on usecases of deep learning models in healthcare applications, where I have been working on furthening 12-lead ECG based atrial arrhythmia detection.

Did I tell you? I also worked on building a comprehensive weather risk management system for India. I believe the Indian market is highly underserved and had developed multiple products such as temperature-based derivative contracts, temperature-energy quanto contracts, rainfall-agriculture quanto contracts and wind/solar energy swaps. I also actively researched securitization for government backed insurance schemes such as the PMFBY and WBCIS. Please click here if you wish to read more about this.

I've been fortunate to collaborate with some wonderful researchers including Prof. Manik Gupta, Prof. Rajesh Tripathy and Dr. Satya Prakash Ojha.

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Recent News

  • [July/2024] Will join Texas Instruments as a Digital Intern.

  • [January/2024] New work at IEEE GRSL out!

  • [November/2023] New work at IEEE TGRS out!

  • [August/2023] Ravi Bhushan presented our poster at ACM COMPASS.

  • [April/2023] New work at IEEE IGARSS accepted! (Withdrawn due to VISA issue.)

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